GUI and GIS data interface development for AccessPlan Framework

OData support
Dr. Mitcsenkov Attila Demeter
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The AccessPlan framework is an automatic network planning software for Next Generation Access networks. My role was to develop a graphical user interface (GUI) for the framework, for preparing input data and visualize the network planning results, based on a map controller API.

In my thesis I present the development steps of the graphical user interface, describe how the implemented components work, introduce the chosen software technologies. Finally I demonstrate capabilities of the GUI on a case study, in which the newly developed GUI controls the network designer framework.

In order to solve the addressed problem, I have developed a 3-layer architecture (similar to web GIS model), which provides Silverlight based services on the client side, and Windows Communication Foundation on the server side. We can load geographic and user data as inputs of the application, choose the network technology, define its parameters, and control the network planning process.

It uses the Bing Map control API for interactive, map-based graphical user interface, but also offers OpenStreetMap and Yahoo Maps visualization. The GUI transfers infrastructure data according to the OpenStreetMap data file format, communicating with the OSM database through SOAP.

Search functionality is provided using Nominatim and Virtual Earth Search Service. After selection of a specific area, the infrastructure data is loaded from OSM. The software stores network, infrastructural and user data on a personalized database, using Entity Framework. The infrastructure data is visualized, and editable on the map interface by using interactive pushpins and polylines.

After preparing the geospatial input data, the network technology has to be chosen (among GPON, VDSL, AETH or P2P). The AccessPlan framework application is then running on the server side, providing network planning functionality. Results are transferred via XML files, defining the system design and the cable plant of the network. These are visualized on the GUI, by using the map itself.

The graphical user interface therefore provides a complete interactive input data preparation functionality (including geospatial and control data). Due to the web GIS model, the AccessPlan application runs on the server side, and easily accessible by its clients.


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