Web Application Development in SAP UI5 Framework for Representing Trade Item Data and Log Information

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The purpose of my thesis was to develop a web application – called GDS Analytics – which is able to query and visualize the most significant business data of the SAP Global Data Synchronization (GDS) application. Furthermore, the thesis’s aim was to offer several filtering possibilities on the received data, in order to achieve a more detailed overview of the current situation of a specific measure and to support all these features by providing a user friendly user interface and charts for visualization and analysis purposes.

However, the complete application goes beyond the realization of the specified tasks, as it enables to develop further functions – that are able to process business data produced and stored by the GDS application – besides the currently implemented functions due to its modularity, portability and maintainability. The web application has a responsive user interface suitable for both desktop computers and mobile platforms.

This document briefly introduces the used technologies and gives an insight on the decisions made during the design-phase and provides a detailed description about the usage of these technologies and about how the application operates. The first chapter introduces GDS and those processes in GDS that are relevant to my thesis. The second chapter describes the technologies I acquired and used. The third section introduces the preparation and design phase, while the fourth is about the implementation. In the fifth chapter I explain how I used the previously introduced debugging and testing technologies. This is followed by a personal conclusion of my thesis. Finally, my thesis ends with the references and appendix that contains screenshots and longer pieces of the source code.


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