Product overview system with Andriod support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Hundreds of area representatives are daily on the way and control whether the criteria fixed in the contracts -concerning the specific products- are fulfilled or not. Applying such area representatives is a very costly business, therefore it would be a great opportunity to involve those customers into the making of the surveys, who are daily customers in the specific shops. If data recorded by the consumers would get into a price controlling system would provide valuable information for the other users, because through this method they would know where they can access the given products at the lowest possible price.

My project was to establish a product overview system, which through the help of consumer data collection not only provides data to FMCG enterprises but gives valuable information to the other consumers as well. The reason I choose this topic was, that according to my knowledge in Hungary there is not yet such a system that would integrate these two functions.

To realize this idea, I use four components. An Android client side application, through which help the customers can fill out a form about the products they want to fix, which does a product price control. At a time there can be more smartphones used in the system. The second component is a data base that stores the data in a well-structured form. Furthermore, a part of my project was to prepare a website, that helps the administrators to review the through the mensuration collected data. The fourth component was to evolve a server side. I was working with this four-component architecture. This is what I planned and realized in my project.

I was using an MySQL data base and an Apache Tomcat web server. The requests coming from the web client AJAX and from the Android client HTTP, the system serves though the REST interface. The server-client directed communication takes place through the help of GCM.

In the paper I present the technologies I got to know and I also present the advanced and detailed architecture of the solution. Furthermore I will demonstrate the more spectacular details of the solution and the results of the test carried out. Finally I demonstrate the function of the application from the user point of view.


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