Supporting the product change management with SAP workflow

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Today’s dynamic business environment usually has the effect of requiring many organizations to change their operations. The change is part of corporations' life, however in order to carry it out as smooth as possible, most of the companies apply various procedures and technologies to handle the transition effectively.

As a part of the Change Management, Engineering Change Management is supporting the changes on the product produced by the company, including the change request, the assessment of opportunities, the planning, realization and the evaluation of the changes.

The research and development work - that served as a basis of my study - was carried out at AGCO Hungary Ltd., where was a substantial demand for a solution that automates the introduction of new materials and the discontinuation of unused materials, making the process transparent and trackable. Before commencing any development, it was necessary to get familiar with the Engineering Change Management processes and I also examined the possibilities of the major ERP systems including the related solutions provided by SAP.

To fulfill the requirements, the company's Engineering Change Management processes have been implemented in the SAP Business Workflow framework, within which my task was to design and implement the Application and the Introduction phase. As a first step the frame of the workflow had been laid down, which was followed by the design of the business logic of each workflow step. For the implementation the ABAP programming language was used, taking the advantages of version 7.4, in terms of transparency, simplicity and efficiency.

As a result, the developed application realizes a real business requirement that fits into AGCO's Engineering Change process and helps to deliver the changes in a more controlled and simpler way.


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