Integrating production planning processes in SAP

OData support
Beluzsár János
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I integrated the SAP R/3 Enterprise Resourece Planning System with a visual production scheduler software. The production orders are created in SAP R/3 system, but their operations are scheduled in theon-PLAN scheduling tool. After the scheduling, the results are transferred back to the SAP R/3 system.

First I examined the master data (e.g. material, routing, bill of material, scheduling parameters) and functions related to production orders in SAP R/3 system. In conjunction with it, I also learned the relevant data sturctures, which was neccesary for realizing data communication between the two system.

Besides the SAP R/3, I also examined the functionality and database structure of on-PLAN scheduling tool. I determined the connection points between the systems, and planned the neccesary interfaces and datasets for the communication.

After discovering all relevant functions in both systems, I implemented three webservices in ABAP language. Without these webservices the communication between SAP R/3 and on-PLAN can’t be realized. I created three database table to store the output of webservice calls. These tables gives the input for on-PLAN scheduling tool.

At the end of the thesis I introduce my solution and make a test schedule.


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