Adaptation of thermal tranzient testing for the characterization of solar cells

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Dr. Plesz Balázs
Department of Electron Devices

In the world of semiconductor devices, development of the solar cells has radically increased in the last period. The key point of this development is the efficiency of energy conversion, which is significantly reduced by increasing temperature. From that fact, making an effective solution of heat dissipation has become very important.

In my thesis I review the operation of the solar cells and thermal transient measurement, which can be made on solar cells. During the measurement, significant amount of data were lost because of the electrical transient in the initial period. From the previous measurement data the transient has been removed, then the software calculate the missing piece from the available data. My primary purpose is to analyze the transient behaviour during measurement and eliminate it. To understand the creation of the transient I present the operation of P-N junction in solar cell. Based on the theoretical operation I did measurement. I also examined measurement of the solar cell with light. By changing the parameters I showed the dependence of thermal transient from different parameters, thus support the theatrical operation.


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