Design and implementation of terrarium controller

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Dr. Györke Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My task was to develop a terrarium controller, which is capable of changing climate inside the terrarium. It includes the controlling of temperature, humidity, and light intensity. The terrarium controller can be handled, by a central user interface, which design was also part of the task.

I start my thesis with literature research, where I explain the physical background of temperature, humidity and light. Then I examine the sensors and transducers, which are available on the market. I introduce their advantages and disadvantages, so I can determine the most suitable ones for this application.

After the literature research, I continue with designing, where I describe the structure of the system, using a block schematic figure. By going through the blocks of the figure, I describe which sensors and transducers will be used. I explain the designing of the signal conditioning and the driver circuits. Afterwards, I introduce the PCB design of the schematic. At the end, I describe the structure of the software that was written for the microcontroller.

Finally, I evaluate the final work, and I explain what improvement options can be developed, in the future.


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