Goals of space charge measurement and design of the imuplse generator of a PEA type measuring device

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Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Space Charge measurement has become a common method for investigating the space charge in the electrical insulations. Among various methods, the pulsed electroacoustic (PEA) method has been used for various industries, especially for the high voltage industry. The PEA method can be used for investigating solid materials which are applied in devices where high electric field is present, e.g. power cables. In high voltage industry, the accumulated charge in insulations could be an important issue. When the space charge accumulated in the insulations, the electric field can be distorted. It causes premature failure. Therefore, investigation of position and quantity of accumulated space charge are required to prevent premature failure.

This paper describes from the basic concepts regarding PEA method to the arrangement of PEA measurement itself especially on impulse generator which is one of the component of PEA Measurement system. PEA measurement system is consists of several device such as electrodes, specimen, piezoelectric device, impulse generator and amplifier circuit. To measure the space charge accumulated in the insulation, we need fast and high voltage. One of the essential components among the PEA Measurement system, impulse generator generates the high electric field by Coulomb’s law. The pressure wave caused by impulse generator passed through the piezoelectric device and oscilloscope. Then the space charge could be measurable.

This project ultimately aims to made prototype of Impulse generator which can be used for the PEA Measurement system. First, the simulation of impulse generator circuit is initiated before the making real impulse generator by Pspice. Next, making prototype is proceeded according to the result of simulation. At the last moment, each of core components of PEA Measurement system could be put together.


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