Theory of space charge measurement and design of the amplifier of a PEA type measuring device

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Cselkó Richárd
Department of Electric Power Engineering

PEA method is used for investigating to solid material which used for device in high voltage environment, also power cable. Especially, high voltage power devices are become important, large amount of power used by homes and industries. PEA method became a universal method capability of space charge accumulation. Depending on the materials, space charge, remaining in high voltage cable, is caused electric break down. The charges near electric field, are distorted. And also Depending on thickness of material of cable affect space charge deeply because of charge transport in dielectrics. Using Wrong material for power cable, caused aging of power voltage cable. PEA method is consist of specimen, piezo electric sensor, amplifier and oscilloscope. When electric pulse come in specimen with electric field, space charge is moving and occur acoustic wave because of generate forces. And then piezo electric sensor detecting acoustic wave from moving space charge. Piezo electric sensor transmit signal to amplifier. Amplifier rule of amplify small electric signal. The signal transmitted to oscilosope, and oscilosope show impulse of space charge. And using mathematical equation, we can get moving of space charge in high voltage environment.

To prevent premature failure, we have to consider the space charge in the material by this PEA measurement. The project ultimately aims to measure the space charge of some materials in the laboratory. To measure the space charge in the material, we have to organize the system perfectly. And then we can start to measure the space charge that we want to figure out. The simulations and the PEA system design and the outcome will be carried out using a Matlab and oscilloscope.


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