Examination of the effect of space charge on outdoor electric field and corona current detectors

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Nowadays we can hear more and more about preventive lightning protection as a supplement of the traditional (primary and secondary) lightning protection. A lot of global and local lightning detection systems help the forecast in time.

In the local systems local sensors are used for lightning detection. They measure strength of the electric field and corona current. But enviromental space charge affect the detection accuracy and reduce the detection effiency and consequently the alarm effiency too.

In this thesis I examine various methods for measuring electric field strength and corona current and I would like to find a solution, how the space charge’s disturbing effect could be reduced or rather defined.

First I give a short overview of the lightning detection systems and I present the theoretical background of the corona discharge, then we can read a review about the international literature connected to the topic.

Laboratory measurements and calculations was performed to solve the problems above, and they play an important role in the course of my thesis work.

In the second half of my thesis a new method of measuring and eliminating the precipitaion noise is presented and an outdoor measuring arrangement has been constructed.


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