Territory discovering based on camera recordings mounted on a quadcopter

OData support
Pálfy Miklós Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The ever growing needs of the users create a vacuum strong enough to suck lot of creative developers into the world of drones and action cameras. Small sized quadcopters are available now wider than ever and used for even wider purposes.

The usage of compact cameras and drones opens up a new area for cartography especially where are low to none source of high resource or up to date maps.

The technology and the instruments to make local maps are not only available but widely spread, so why not create infrastructural usage?

An application could make the most of the instruments and create new service type. Map processing by multicopters has multiple advantages. Using these I am going to create a computer program capable of creating aerial maps out of video record of a drone.

The task is to implement a software capable of creating a map from given source of an aerial video record of a quadcopter. Automation of the subtasks should be considered to make further development an option.

As the created map does not hold much information it should be placed in context like one of the most used application the google maps. Google maps provides a static map api interface. This interface is used to download the area of interest.

The topic is not well developed therefore research will take significant part of the whole. The task thematically can be divided into four. Applicability of software, image processing, communication through the internet and geography. Sizes of these are very different therefore not thematic but, functional division will be used through the work.


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