Area exploration with mobile robots

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the usage of systems run by robots is increasingly gaining ground. Frequently one can meet robots performing basic human tasks and daily labour, thus facilitating everyday life.

The branch of robotics that deals with the following tasks as robotic area mapping, robotic actuation and robotic navigation is constantly developing, easing our everyday routine by helping in necessary daily tasks. More and more intelligent systems endowed with different human characteristics appear with the advancement of this industry. Such an example would be the robotic lawn mower or robotic vacuum cleaner where the navigation and movement plays an important role in the functioning of the robot.

The topic of my thesis is mapping an area with mobile robots. The theme details robotic navigation and presents several different area mapping algorithms.

An implementation of integrated exploration by hybrid methods is introduced. I detail the theoretical background of the robotic area mapping and the necessary theoretical basis to comprehend the applied algorithm through several chapters. Following the theoretical introduction, I display the functioning of the software implemented in MATLAB environment.

After a detailed presentation of the software, the operation is illustrated via simulation results. Following the evaluation and presentation of these results, further development potentials are introduced.


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