Area securing team strategies for mobile robot teams

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The essay will discuss the simulator, that was developed in MATLAB. It is able to simulate different cooperative team strategies. After a short review we will focus on the functioning of the simulator, and the part, which was developed.

In the followings the text will discuss the realized strategies and my objectives. The goal of the paper is to develop a strategy that is able to work whit restricted conditions. A test strategy was created without cooperation, however it copes with these conditions. Moreover this test strategy - developed as a „restricted” strategy - is able to cooperate and get over the restrictions and realize high-toned cooperation. Primarily, it has to store the available information and infer the missing pieces of information.

I focused on the realizations of these two restricted strategies, and tried to build them up from simple small parts and give a solution to the problem.

Finally, I demonstrate the results of these strategies - tested in the updated simulator - than I suggest some ideas in order of further improvement.


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