Elaboration of design guide to the MSZ EN 62305 lightningprotection standard

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Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

My task was to force lightning protection standards in the EN 62305 standard presentation, especially in the latter part of the risk analysis. Additional task was to get to know the standard IEC 62305 Ed.2, which improve the previous one. The paper compared the standards, I discussed the changes. Made through a detailed presentation of three mintapéldán. In the examples of standards based on risk analysis procedure selected the proper lightning protection, which, taking into account the levels fell below tolerable levels of risk. The procedure for the first time the building had körülhatárolnom where the building and the attached data services had to be determined. After I finished recording the data in the calculation of individual risks and the appropriate protections kiválasztásztottam. Example, all three could not reach the expected results. Lightning protection design must take into account both the technical and economic situation.

My experience during the performance of risk analysis is that the standard scale complicates the risk analysis. The main reason is that because many parameters must be considered in the calculations that are not listed in one place, so much time it takes to retrieve the appropriate data. The number of parameters, however, be an advantage, because so many kinds of buildings can be used in the standard risk assessment procedure.


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