Modell-based definition of design space exploration problems

OData support
Dr. Hegedüs Ábel
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Design Space Exploration in model engineering is searching for and evaluating the alternative solutions of a problem with the goal of finding one or more solution states that comply with a predefined set of goals. During the execution of Design Space Exploration operations modify a model and the model state changes in this process. The Design Space is the sum of all the possible model states. The order of the operations that modify the model can be defined by exploration strategies.

The elements of a Design Space Exploration task definition are the input model, the global constraints that have to be satisfied in each model state, the operations and the goals. My assignment was the creation of a program that can be used to define such problem definitions and can cooperate with the system executing the Design Space Exploration.

The metamodel of the specialty and the input model can be created with the help of Eclipse Modeling Framework. The goals and global constraints can be given with graph patterns. The operations can be defined with a graph pattern that provides a precondition to the model modification steps.

The system connects to Eclipse through extension points so it can access it’s views and editors from which the information used to define the Design Space Exploration problem definition is collected. It has a graphical user interface for overviewing and editing data.


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