Generating feature models by design space exploration

OData support
Dr. Bergmann Gábor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

As the homework of System Modeling (VIMIAA00) the students' task is to implement the state machine based functionality of a chess clock. The homeworks are different not only in numeric values but also structurally. Since these homeworks are different, their difficulty vary. It is important not to consider the homeworks valid, if they are too easy or too hard to solve.

Currently the feature selection models, which are the bases of the homeworks, are generated by a software, that is Oszkár Semeráth's work. This solution creates valid homeworks using the permutations of the variation points's possible values.

My task was to produce these feature selection models using a technique called design space exploration (DSE). I formulated the creation of valid feature selection models as a design space exploration problem and created the transformation rules necessary for the Viatra DSE framework. As a result of my work, I created a software which is able to generate feature selection models, which describe logically valid and solvable homeworks.

As a conclusion of my work I compared Oszkár's solution to my solution on different properties and analyzed the results.


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