Dynamic combination of design space exploration algorithms

OData support
Nagy András Szabolcs
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In the last few years a new method the rule-based design space exploration has been involved, which could open a possibility for effective problem solving in many everyday field. These problems could not been effectively solved as a reason of their scalability till this day. Such a problem is the selection of a proper system design during a systemplaning.

VIATRA-DSE, which is an open source project, gives us a possibility to easily integrate the concept of rule-base design space exploration into the model-driven-engineering process. VIATRA-DSE also gives us a possibility for automatic generation of almost every input from a model-driven engineering, such as starting model, transformation rules and constraints.

The only exception to this rule is the search algorithm. The parametrization and selection of the proper algorithm can be a time consuming and hard task, which has a high impact to the solution.

Our aim is to create and describe an API, which provides help for algorithm handling and enables the combination of the already existing algorithm. It will give an opportunity for decomposing the problem and eliminating the drawbacks of the different algorithms.


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