Integration testing of design space exploration framework

OData support
Nagy András Szabolcs
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

One of the challenges of system design is to design and create systems which fulfil both the functional and non-functional requirements. Non-functional requirements include a system’s use of resource, its operational costs, and capacity. For one system a number of distinct system designs may be created which meet the non-functional requirements in different ways.

The use of the VIATRA DSE device enables us to select the most optimal system design. In order to ensure that the system functions appropriately, integration test is needed. The method of testing the device seems to encounter certain difficulties due to the fact that a model is required and necessary. The model ought to be produced in a way that the majority of the functionalities offered by the device might be applied to it. Furthermore, certain outputs produced during the evaluation of test cases should be easily verifiable, thus it can be even manually verified if the device produced the required operation.

The current thesis is mainly focused on testing the VIATRA DSE device, in addition to the installation and evaluation of integration tests. A rule-based approach to Design Space Exploration (DSE) is presented. Moreover, I will introduce the basic concepts needed to test the device. Finally, the completed collection of tests will be described, as well.


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