Renewable energy supply of a farm

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Dr. Dán András
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In this paper the different aspects and possibilities of the heat- and off grid power supply of a farm located 25 kms far from the electrical grid were examined. For this purpose, in the first part of my work a detailed description of the most important technologies related to the renewable energy sources available at the farm site - such as ground source heat, wind and solar energy - was given. The effect of Hungary’s renewable energy capabilities on the possible energy supply system design was also emphasized.

In the second part of my work the practical aspects of the farm’s energy supply system were investigated. I took a closer look at the energy demands, being the heat and electric power consumption of the farm. Afterwards I gave recommendations on the design of the heat and electric power supply systems on the basis of my findings, and also designed these systems using equipments available on the market. For the electric power supply a photovoltaic system was designed. In the end of the paper some ideas about the possible development of this system were introduced.


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