Body builder app for Android

OData support
Lajtha András Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The dynamic evolution of smartphones provides an increasing number of possibilities in everyday life.

There’s an increasing group of people who go to the gym to shape their body and live a healthy lifestyle. For them, the key to success is the proper nutritioning, regeneration and training.

In this document I will search for solutions to make applications for Android platform to help the above mentioned group of people to reach their goals.

I will plan and make a program, that could be used during the exercises to count the number of repeats and give a feedback about their quality.

To support proper nutrition, I will create a client-server based software, which can display the daily intake of nutriments to the user.

Finally, I am going to test the prepared applications.

Also, I am going to analyse the operation of the program which aims at detecting repetition and defining qualilty with the help of different measurement parameters during the accomplishment of various exercises.

At the end of the document I intend to test the proper operation of the program which keeps a record of nutriment intake.


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