Automated Testing in the Response Module of SAP IBP

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

When a company start to do a software development, they do in the hope that it will generate profit to the stakeholders, some way in the future. This software has to be working, in the proper way, to suffice the requirements, which is marked in the specification. At process of software development we must give accentuated attention for the quality of the software. As the result of this, the crucial part of development is testing.

In first part of my essay I demonstrate which is software testing, and why this is necessary. I give an insight into the fundamentals of automated testing, and I present some familiar test automation tools.

I made my final thesis at SAP Hungary Ltd, so in the next chapter I review the product, which I latch on to develop. In addition, I present the test automation tools, used by SAP IBP, and I give an example too.

At last chapter of the essay, I describe the development an evaluation tool, which simulates the IBP Excel add-in, thereby it represents in ABAP language the content of the web services which is used by the add-in. I compare the calculated the result with the expected result, which I have defined with ABAP Test Data Container service.


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