Implementing a Service for Creating Test Data in Automated Test Environment in SAP

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

The main purpose of my thesis is to introduce a solution for manipulating test data with services. These services create and delete test data for testing the GUI of the SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) system with automated tests. More precisely, they support the testing procedure of the Master Data Type objects that are the part of the Configuration module of the above system.

In my thesis I introduce the most important definitions that are used during software testing along with testing levels and types. Then comes the brief history of test automation and the current situation regarding test automation in the IT world. This includes the introduction of common solutions for automating tests and technologies that support automated tests (Selenium, Cucumber, Jenkins or the Test Data Container).

After providing the sufficient theoretical knowledge, the thesis starts to explain the process of creating the software and services. It begins with gathering requirements, then it continues with the planning and implementation phase. Several source code samples, figures and diagrams is provided within these chapters.

To test the implemented solutions I chose a case study that achieves an automated GUI test.

The first part of the case study is setting up an automated test environment in which the automated tests will be written. For this the Eclipse IDE with Maven and JUnit will be used. Then with the help of this environment I am implementing a test case that is based on a test script.

To make sure the implemented test is working, manual test running from the Eclipse IDE will be used. After this I integrate the test into Jenkins, achieving the automation of the implemented test.

Lastly I test my solution for creating and deleting massive amount of test data.


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