Design and Simulation of the Test Bench Improvement in GE Power's Factory in Veresegyház

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Dr. Vokony István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

A new trend has been appeared in the energy industry in the past couple of years which is completely different from that we had got used to before. We realised that our conventional energy sources are not unlimited, we can run out of them. Forcing by our energy demand we had to research new technologies. At the same time we also would like to stop the climate change which is mostly caused by the carbon-dioxide emission of the present energy production technologies. The solution is the same for both problems: conventional energy sources must be replaced. There are several ways for doing that, for example the integration of renewable energy sources into our energy systems. However the replacement is not an easy process, the present energy systems are not capable to handle that kind of energy production. Generally the systems were designed for the handling of huge power plants and not local producers. Distributed power generation raises complicated problems to be solved. In fact we are still in time to find solutions to these problems, but time counts rapidly. Global warming is already effecting our daily lives by the weather which is more and more unusual and going to extremes.

A possible solution to integrate the renewable energy sources into the energy system is to build MicroGrids. A MicroGrid is capable to operate parallel with the main utility grid, but in case of failure it can disconnect and operate further separately in island mode. The main element of every MicroGrid is an integrated renewable energy source and another energy producer which can balance the uncertain availability of the renewable energy source. This could be an energy storage device or a conventional power generation technology. Unfortunately nowadays the energy storage technologies are not refined enough to use them in big amount.

The purpose of this thesis is to present the technical aspects of transforming an industrial park into a MicroGrid by connecting a PV array and (bio)gas engines to the industrial park’s existing grid. The caused changes and transients were observed by using DigSILENT PowerFactory 15 simulation software. Finally a financial review was made to demonstrate the difficulties that we have to face if we use the technologies that we actually have. Nevertheless the refinement of our present technologies and the invented future technologies hopefully will make the replacement of the conventional energy sources much easier than we could do nowadays.


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