Test procedures for the switchboards of Bentley Nevada vibration diadnostic devices

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Dr. Kiss István
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Purpose: To get experiences about the operation of Bently Nevada machinery protection system, its main measurements and to make a discription about the tests.

To reach the purpose mentioned above I studied the specifications of the main units of the Bently Nevada 3500 system, to get further information about the usage of this vibrationdiagnostic and monitoring system. During the investigation of the literature I became familiar with the technologies used by the modules of BN3500 System and got information about the fundamental operation and functions of them. After the study of the system and the technologies it was necessary to know more details about the configuration software.

After these steps I gained practical skills in the manufactory of GE by the taking part in the assemblage, configuration and tests of the Bently Nevada cabinets. I assisted at the measurements during the cabinet tests (module tests, electrical hi-pot tests, grounding impedance test), so I got important information about the technologies, rules and equipments used by the cabinet tests. Every cabinet is assembled, tested, inspected according to the rules recorded in the Product Quality Documentation. From the experiences and result gained by spending time in the manufactory and by absolving the measurements, and from the Product Quality Documentation I could prepare the description about the tests, measurements and results.


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