Test case generator development for ultrasonic sensor base automated parking systems

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, a large quantity of the cars that are being manufactured are equipped with parking systems, most of which operate with ultrasonic sensors. One of the leading companies on the global market that manufactures and develops them is Robert Bosch GmbH. My thesis was written in the ultrasonic system software-test team of the company's Engineering Center Budapest.

The range of features provided by the system is constantly expanding, the consequence of which is that its requirements become more and more complex and their number grows. Due to the number of different requirements testing time is increasing also. In the group it is possible to make tests in HIL environment, which requires the creation of the test cases.

During my work I learned about the operation of the parking system and the various phases of its testing. I've also studied the HIL environment of the group and its part that controls the virtual car under testing. I have learned the scripting language of the CarMaker application used for testing and the structure of a test case. After that, I've prepared the concept of the generator application and its parts. Based on these I have created the template files for the program which was implemented in C# programming language.

Using Microsoft Excel I've created the sample instances of the input files for the parameters. After that, I built up the graphical interface of the program and implemented the classes that handle the reading of the input Excel files and the generation of the test cases. I've implemented the production of test cases for several types of parking and pull out from parallel parking space. Based on the environment set up, I have created the handling functions for the currently unnecessary GUI elements' to change their visibility and enabling properties.

My job was expanded with a code that checks the vehicle to be tested, text messages and message boxes containing error messages or information that help the users in the program's proper use.


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