Application of testing tools in software development

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Dr. Simon Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Software development is a very young industry if we compare it to ancient ones like architecture. One of the biggest problems with sofware development projects is that they fail about 50% of the time. In these cases the projects can’t even reach the end stage or their goal, or if, somehow they are finished they wont be delivered to the costumer beacuse of some problems with the software product. The root of this problem is typically the applied, development and testing methods, technics. A good example to this is the Waterfall model where the testing phase only occurs at the end of the development cycle. Beacuse of this, we only get proper feedback about the product and the process at the end of the cycle, which is a serious problem most of the time.

Numerous new methods surfaced, to fix the problems that were described above, the newest of these is the agile methodology. This is an iterative and incremental approach, where a project consists short iterations of design, implementation and testing steps. This method provides a different, flexible enough view about these processes. According to this method, persons and good communication is very very important. Beside these, it is also crucial to peridocally deliver high qulity software to the costumer, whom we can even meet on daily basis. This method also helps us to be able to correctly handle the changing of the costumer requirments.

The requiments of the agile methology have to be satisfied by different technics, one of the many technics is the continious integration (CI), which is the focus point of this paper. The goal of this document is to position the CI process in the given enviroment, understand it’s subprocesses and the challenges, and creating a well automatized continious integration test enviroment with free and open-source tools. The closing part of the described process is to analyze and rate, the realized enviroments.


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