Development of a Vehicle Center Display Testbench

OData support
Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Big size touchscreens have come into general use in all fields of life and they also can be found as organic parts of in-vehicle entertainment systems. By dismounting an above mentioned screen together with the attached controller out of the dashboard the creation of the background communication is necessary for the maintenance of the suitable functionality. In my work I have constructed a workbench out of some Mazda parts and with its help I introduce how the communication network functions. The CAN frames which are necessary for the controllers are provided by a computer software written in .NET environment. Before the software development I made some literature research, took numerous measurements and assembled the workbench. My results served as basis to the implementation of the whole CAN bus communication. The environment will be able to test Android Auto and Apple CarPlay applications which are getting more and more popular. These applications are capable of showing smartphone functions on the center displays of cars.


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