Design of the modules of a measurement setup for studying linear electromagnetic actuators

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Dr. Dülk Ivor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The topic of the thesis is linked to solenoid valves, a subgroup of linear electromagnetic actuators.

During the semester, I designed, worked out and tested thoroughly the main components of a measurement environment to monitor these devices.

The system has an intervening interface. The prepared tool based on a microcontroller development board. With the expansion circuits, the tool is able to sample the main signals of a solenoid. For the operation, it is necessary to create a software for the embedded system in programming language 'C'. Besides this I made a high-level application for personal computers in programming language 'C#'. This PC interface can control the measurement tool, set measurement parameters and display data of the measuring process.

I had opportunity to test the environment under real conditions. For the test, I used two solenoids with different attributions. During the test I was able to detect and solve operating failures.


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