Implementation of Control and Supervisory System of a testlab using PCS7 environment

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Katona László Dr.
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Implementation of Control and Supervisory System of a testlab using PCS7 environment


Recently there are a plenty of industrial companies utilizing equipments based on CNC principle in production. The motion of these machines is provided by electric motors drive-controlled by computers. Companies in the automation field can offer sophisticated drive control solutions that meet requirements of CNC machines. To fully take advantage of drive control devices software packages with a lot of functions are developed. These softwares are tested in the last phase of the production in order to justify reliability. During these tests the hardware units performing CNC control are indispensable so these software tests are executed on testlabs containing these elements.

The issue of my diploma thesis is designing a testlab’s cabinet built for testing Sinumerik CNC machine control softwares at evopro Informatics and Automation Ltd. and the implementation of control and supervisory system of this testlab. The testlab contains the CNC and drive control devices. Since the number of testlabs is growing due to the widening range of functions, it is necessary to make the testing station accessible through network, and to realize a control and supervisory system by switching and monitoring the state of the devices.

It includes, that the modules are able to be switched both locally and remotely. The testlab consists of two units: the one with CNC and drive control devices in the cabinet, and one with electric motors. These units are capable of being connected to each other.

The switching of the modules is controlled by a Simatic S7-300 PLC. The program of the Operating Station runs on an industrial computer IPC677, which can be accessed as a client from terminal network by tester colleagues.

My diploma thesis contains the plans of electric and communication connections among modules in the test-cabinet, and mechanical construction plans of building the modules into the test station. Furthermore i had to implement the programs of PLC and supervisory control in PCS7 environment.


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