Test coverage measurement on a microcontroller

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

During the development of a product it is essential to run tests continuously right from the start. It is also really important in software development to test our finished units. In his cases structural testing is performed, which helps us to notice malfunctioning parts of our code. Test Coverage measurement informs us about the parts of our code, that has or has not been „exercised”.

These tests can be run on computers. It’s advantage is that a computer can run them much faster than a microcontroller, because of the more powerful hardware, but testing still has to be made on the target device if we want to be sure, that the differences between the PC and the target do not cause any failures, while running our codes.

My task was to prepare the existing test environment to measure test coverage with the use of the Squish Coco software. The test environment was able to download and run the test files, and if the necessary functions were added to the code, they could signal a failure. The pre-compilation instrumenting, the sending of the report to the PC at once, and converting the received data for the HTML report.

I used an Infineon TC26xB microcontroller for testing. I had to make some extensions to the test environment to make it compatible with the microcontroller.


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