Test Model Definition in TTCN-3

OData support
Dr. Erős Levente
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Test engineers use TTCN-3 (Testing and Test Control Notation) on a daily basis. A trivial idea would be if the definition of test models could be given in this language, so they would not need to get familiar with a new technology or a new language. This approach also has the advantage of using the same TTCN-3 data structures without modification in the test suites generated from the model.

In the thesis it is described how one can create a test model definition in TTCN-3 from a system given in extended finite state machine model. For demonstration purposes a Java application has been developed which generates a TTCN-3 code fragment from a state-graph of a given system. After some small additions and post-production this code can be loaded into testing software used widely in the industry and simulations and tests can be executed.

Using the LAPB (Link Access Procedure, Balanced) protocol, it is showed that the method is also well-suited for real-sized problems and that how simple search algorithms can be executed on the model.


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