Test system for DCU

OData support
Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

I made my Diploma Thesis Design at Robert Bosch Kft. During my work, I got to know about a data logger and controlling unit, the DCU, and I was working on a development of its laboratory testing enviroment.

I got knowledge about the structure of the DCU, the available testing devices, and the problems with the existing test system. I created a concept about an automated and extended test system, which can test the DCU on a wide scale.

My work depended on a knowlege of the technical parameters of the DCU and its functioning, and I had to know all the testing methods which are necessery for testing a DCU.

I used the V-modell for developing and testing, and I always did my tasks according to the actual stage of this modell.

I got to know some testing methods which are used in the automotive industry, and after I finished my research, I choose the solution that I found the best. Then I designed some schematics and PCBs, which were neccessary for the new measuring concept. After these circuits were manufactured, I soldered all the components, and made the PCBs to work.

I implemented the software for the system, and after I finished with both the hardware and software design, I started the testing phase according to the V-modell. I recorded the test results, than I summarized my work.


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