Test System for Power Control

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Dr. Varjasi István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

When developing a software product, testing the software components and the whole is extremely important. Particularly this is true for safety-critical power electronics systems, in which abnormal operation may lead to the risk of personal or material injury.

Hyundai Technologies Center Hungary Ltd. is running an inverter drive product development project, and there is a need for a test automation framework with wide use cases including embedded software systems.

In my thesis I have summarized the research and development tasks related to the introduction and implementation of testing. In the introductory section, I present the features and software testing aspects of the product and the project. In the second chapter I collect the testware and components to be tested. The third chapter covers the testing tools and their applicability in the testing process. In the last chapters I present the test running tool, focusing on the implementation details.

With the framework development I have come to the goals set at the time of starting, however the integration of the automated testing to the software development process is not seamless. I am confident that this will succeed during further work.


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