Test System Development for Medical Equipment

OData support
Kökényesi Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The thesis is about the design and implementation process of a medical test system. This simulator is a microcontroller based automated test device for acute blood purification machines. The sensor and actuator hardware components of the dialysis machine are simulated.

To understand the aim and the functions of the dialysis machine and the simulator system, the first part is an introduction to renal insufficiency and its treatment. An overview of the blood purification machine and a short introduction to software lifecycle management and to verification testing are given.

After a technological overview, a detailed description of the design process of the communication interface board and the simulator components is given, followed by the implementation of the low level firmware and the graphical user interface application in LabVIEW environment. At the end, the completed prototype of the test system is presented.


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