Designing an environment for testing medical instruments

OData support
Dr. Dülk Ivor
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The kidney plays a role in the removal of certain toxins in the human body, the separation of certain hormones, the regulation of blood pressure and water. In the event of chronic or acute renal insufficiency, excess water and toxins will not accumulate in the body, causing further serious health problems. One option is to use a dialysis machine to remove accumulation of water and toxins that drains blood from the body through a semi-permeable membrane and then returns it to the patient's body.

The subject of my thesis was to create a test device that simulates the behavior of an air sensor in a medical device. The testing of the system is closely linked with the development of the medical device, which can be greatly assisted by the ability to perform automated tests and the repeatability of the tests.

In my dissertation, I first examined the operation of the kidney and the dialysis machine and then described the development and testing protocols required by the standards for the development of medical devices. After that, I described the specification of the system to be designed, the tests to be automated and the principle of the operation of the sensor.

In the final part of the dissertation, I will detail the operation of the completed system and the results of the integration and verification tests


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