Test system to analyze solutions optimizing web browsing experience

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Dr. Vida Rolland
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The type of use and requirements for the internet has changed significantly these days. At the planning of the network infrastructure it was not taken into account that it must serve an immense amount of traffic by the beginning of the 21st century to meet the demands of the era. People reach the internet with all kinds of devices all over the world, and the browsing experience is important for them, which worsen significantly, when a web site or some of its components have been downloaded slower. Nevertheless not all of the providers could adjust to the increase of bandwidth need, nor could the core technologies of the web solve this problem themselves.

The expected result may be achieved by content delivery networks via the extra capacity provided by them. These providers have hugely improved in the recent years, nowadays one third of the traffic of the internet is theirs. With their help some web sites or the parts of web sites will be closer to the users geographically; thus accelerating the download of the elements. However in most cases mirroring entire web sites is a waste of resources, therefore it is important to test which parts must be placed on the servers of content delivery networks. Downloading the content accessible this way could be faster, so the download time of the entire webpage could be shorter. Shortening of the download time is one of the most important parts of the browsing experience, which increases the satisfaction of the user.

During the preparation of my thesis I have studied the core technologies of the web and the operation of the content delivery networks. I created a test system, which can measure which elements of a webpage needed to be delivered to this kind of provider, so this way the download time of the web site could be reduced. The test system can be easily modified, so with its assistance an arbitrary web site can be measured and optimized.


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