Development of a Test Execution Environment

OData support
Dr. Kovács Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

My thesis contributes to the conversion of an Ericsson Hungary developed test development and execution system from a mostly C++ based implementation to a solely Java based solution.

The work involves the implementation of the translation and the runtime environment in the Java programming language, as well as the translation of the

TTCN-3 test code to Java. In the thesis I deal with the latter, I examine the question of the translation of testcases developed in the TTCN-3 language to Java.

My goal is to develop a plugin for the Eclipse development environment, which is capable of processing of testcases written in TTCN-3 and generating compilable and runnable Java source code from them. In the thesis I present the Java based translation of the mostly used subset of the TTCN-3 language elements. The implementation satisfies the expectations of the modern test execution environments.

Based on the developed prototype a completely Java based test development and execution environment seems feasible.


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