Texture-based Hatching

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Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Besides realistic visualization, the non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) is also an important area of computer graphics. There are many ways to mimic artistic styles, one of these is hatching, where individual strokes convey the shape and the illumination of a 3D object.

In my diploma thesis I introduce an efficient solution of real-time hatching, based on the texture-based Tonal Art Maps method. I summarize the limitations of Tonal Art Maps, and then I present the improvements of this method by introducing the results of serval works which I've been actively involved in.

The final solution is a hybrid hatching technique, using the fragments of the procedurally generated hatching strokes in object space to render the actual strokes in image space. The object-space solution allows infinite zooming preserving the artistic parameters of hatching, and provides an efficient way for hidden stroke removal. In object space it is possible to render hatching strokes passing the object contour allowing the overdraw simulation.


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