Implementing a Ticketing Application on Tablet Kiosk for Office Use

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Theme of the Thesis for my master’s degree is an Application which is about Integration. As learning Business Informatics at MSc, this Theme seems to be a relevant Choice. Relevant, because making connection between different Systems is more than useful in Business. Many Corporations are willing to join one System to another in order to be more efficient. In this case the two endpoints of the Integration is a Map and a Ticketing application.

Right after researching Technologies which related to my Job, I try to plan what and how I would make it done. These steps include Screenshots of every single activities what the user can do through navigation. Mocket was designed for choosing a point on the groundplan, selecting which Item went wrong and deciding the way how it need to be reported, providing both Skype for Business Solution and self-written Form to send email to IT Support. Next part was the implementation itself. Well, this SAP UI5 Application is really the same as I planned before, so that it runs also on Desktop and Tablet what caused writing test cases was not that difficult. Through the tests I covered some of my functions and presented the change of performance by querying less and more records from the database.


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