TimeMate - Android App for Persons Fighting with Time Management

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Many people have problem with the proper use of time. There are two types of these people. First, there are those who procrastinate, and stall important tasks later, resulting in a hurry when the deadline approaches. In the other type there are those who just cannot do all of their activities properly because of poor scheduling, which can also lead to stressful lifestyle. My purpose is to understand this problem area.

Part of my task is to understand the psychological background and to present the causes and consequences, and the analysis of the existing time management methods. Based on my experience and the research, I set up a system to evaluate the software solutions. The selected software assessment is important because this shows what their shortcomings are, and what features should be paid attention to.

Based on the results of the research of literature and software, I design, implement and present an application for mobile devices. The selected target group of my application includes typically students and young adults. The completed application offer an effective way to help people with different scheduling problems to increase their productivity, thereby improving their quality of life as well.


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