All-optical signal regeneration, reshaping

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Dr. Gerhátné Udvary Eszter
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

I show four signal regenerating methods, which can be used in an all-optical 2R regenerator. These methods are also described in [1]-[11]. I chose the XGM regenerator and built it in the VPITransmissionMaker. I analyzed it working principle and its optimal buildup. I searched the minimal SNR at the regenerator input, which is need for the correct reshaping. The SOA is strongly wavelength dependent device which can make unexpected regenerator behavior. The signal conversion can be the most wavelength dependent process, so I made simulations to find out its effect. I changed the distance between the input signal’s wavelength and the laser’s wavelength, which is used to make wavelength conversion, and I looked for any dependence from wavelength. The main part of the regenerator is the two SOA. Their nonlinearities are used for reshaping, so that why it is important to analyze their simulation’s model. VPI has two models for SOA. I compared the two models to find the best SOA model for the XGM regenerator. The simulations’ results showed that I have to use the complex SOA_TLM model in the simulation of the XGM regenerator.


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