Encryption and Signature Verification on Windows Phone 8 Platform

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Handwriting analysis is the oldest biometric authentication method. Our

signature is accepted everywhere and not making conflicts with law or traditional

habits. Everyone knows and using his signature in the every days, so there is no need to

learn something new for this kind of authentication.

Any document can be validated by handwritten signature, which is meaning

huge responsibility. Still today no one examines the origin of our signatures, except

some suspicious cases. The purpose of my thesis is to develop an application, which

facilitates the spreading of offline signature verification. Nowadays everyone has

mobile phone and holding in his pocket. Let us utilize the great opportunities, as a

mobile phone’s technology level is sufficient for taking good quality picture of the

handwritten signature. And further more has the software environment to send a remote

server using high level of encryption. On the serves side, comparing with previously

collected samples, we can send back the results guaranteeing the originality of our

signatures. Using this kind of application can fight off against the more and more

efficient forgeries.

I see boundless number of opportunities in this kind of static signature

verification supporting application. Especially knowing, that millions of documents are

made by each day with handwritten signature.


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