Multichannel electronic load for digital lines and power supplies

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Futó András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

As my bachelor thesis project I designed, produced and tested an 8 channel electronic load. The instrument makes specific verification and validation tests much easier, which otherwise would be time consuming and would require a number of instruments.

I designed and produced the instrument during my internship at National Instruments Hungary Kft.

Firstly, I did market research on similar, multi-channel, low power active loads, but I could not find such a device.

After that I created the system design, chose the appropriate development platforms and started designing the schematic. Because of the complexity of the system to be designed, it was realised on two separate printed circuit boards. This solution allowed me, to design the second PCB while the first one was under production.

After assembly I repaired all soldering and design issue, and made sure that the system is working correctly.

The finished instrument went under a series of tests after calibration, to see the accuracy and ability to work at allowed maximal input values.

At the end of the 3-month development period the prototype was in working condition, which showed the original concept’s usefulness, and allowed accurate measurements.


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