Multi-channel document uploading to Enterprise Document Management System

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays many people choose different type of insurances to lower their risk. Because of this more and more document is created, which must be store for years on account of the laws. It is almost impossible challenge for the companies to store, manage and search offline these documents. Because of this, there is an enormous need for managing documents online, which is a simpler and efficient way. This need is the base of my thesis.

The project started with the research/exploration of the insurance business environment, during which I got information about the insurance documents, most important metadata, and the basic processes.

After the research, I compared four Enterprise Document Management Systems, which are capable of fulfilling my project, and I choose the free Alfresco Community edition among them.

I had to design and implement the document models, the process of contracting, the JavaScript for sorting and the Java application for uploading documents. I made an LDAP database from user and group data, which is responsible for authentication, and integrated it with the Alfresco system.

Finally, I made a full user test, during which I went through the whole semi-automotive contract making process.


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