Multipurpose battery-based black start solutions

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

This paper explores the feasibility of setting up a black start power plant that would utilize a battery system in place of the traditional diesel generator set with the goal of improving efficiency trough using more general purpose equipment. The legal and technical background of black start is researched and the requirements are set up. In order to maximize utilization of infrastructure, secondary applications are explored and considered, such as frequency containment reserve, frequency restoration reserve, and peak shaving. Different energy storage systems are introduced, among which the most fitting ones are then used to build multiple solution proposals: lead acid and li-ion batteries are optionally coupled with smaller diesel gensets. The proposals are optimized is terms of capacity and power, and then evaluated using a simulation to estimate the wear of the batteries due to providing frequency regulation and black start service. Based on these results, the expected overall profitability of the different solutions is compared.


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