Design of an FPGA controlled multichannel audio recorder

OData support
Nagy Attila Balázs
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In practise the acoustical camera (acoustical beamforming) is a prevalent method for the examination of the spatial distribution of sound pressure, which construction is constructed from several segment units. The aim of my thesis is presenting the realization of one of the segments of an acoustical camera: a multichannel audio recorder.

At first the suitable AD converter for the audio recorder must be chosen, for which purpose, the knowledge of widespread AD constructions of our days is inevitable. After the converter had been chosen, and the peripheral device made from this was completed, it is connected to an FPGA.

After these steps, primarily the software of the FPGA will be written, which includes the reading, the buffering, then the sending of the ADC-data. Finally, the PC host software reads and stores the data sent from the FPGA device.

This thesis describes the solution of the tasks mentioned above thoroughly. In addition, I present the necessary background knowledge of solving different segment functions before I discuss the concrete realizations.


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