Design of a multi-channel thermocouple datalogger device

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Dr. Géczy Attila
Department of Electronics Technology


I started my thesis with literature research. I studied the thermocouples schematics, functions, different errors during usage (green-rot effect, sensitivity of noise, nonlinearity). I looked up on different circuits, which I will need to design a thermometer logger with thermocouples.

I started my work with studying the different methods and components of designing a thermometer device. I compared the different circuits: prices of parts and thermometer accuracies. Then I chose the optimal circuit component (LTC 2983). I designed the schematic of the data collector device, and created a breadboard prototype. I created a programming code to my prototype, which I uplodead to the microcontoller. It creates an USB communication between a computer and the microcontroller. It also creates SPI communication between the microcontroller and the thermometer circuit.

The board can measure the temperature in 2 channels, and it sends the data on USB to the computer. The number of channels can be easily set up to 19.

With the finished prototype, I performed a soldering profile measurement at the laboratory of Department of Electronics Technology. I measured the thermal profile of an Electrocircuits reflow furnace with my thermometer and a V-Mole thermologger.

Finally I designed the final schematics of the device, which can be used to create a circuit prototype. I specfied the power consuption of the device, which could be important in the future, if we want to use it at battery mode.


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