Multiplayer iOS Game Development with Sprite Kit

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Dr. Kelényi Imre
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the past few years the spreading of smartphones has increased. Besides it performance are increasing continuously. Thanks to the fast development of hardware, nowadays a lot of resource-intensive application made for them. These applications can display two- or three dimension graphics, use physics simulation and even network communication at the same time.

Due to the rapid development of the network communication, we can play in player versus player mode or we can play in Cooperation mode against an artificial intelligence. That’s why I chose to create a multiplayer game, which uses physics simulation and network communication.

The game that I created, is based on platform games, with multiplayer extension. To achieve this, I used Apple’s integrated game engine and game service for development. By the end of the semester I enriched with a lot of interesting experience and created a working prototype of the game at the same time, which is a good base for further development and optimization.


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