Integration of a complex, multi-user calendar system on Java platform

OData support
Budai Péter István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays, business priorities are inspired either by the new economical growth in many regions of the world or predestinated by budget cuttings just like in our country. Taking these two factors into consideration it is important to replace obsolete solutions but still offer attractive and user friendly applications in enterprise environments. Architectural designs must be reconsidered, benefits of cloud computing must be taken into account and some services must be shut down. Over and over, web applications are proven useful for increasing efficiency in banking and credit sectors. They are good assets to serve clients without the need of personal meetings, empowering the process for loan approval, saving human and other resources.

My objective was to replace an already existing, complex business process, which manages personal manager’s daily agenda. The new realization offers a web interface with a calendar for appointments. First of all, I did a research among available technologies considering the requirements of the new implementation then refactored the chosen calendar plugin. After the development process, I did an exhausting test over the new processes, methods to make sure they will perform well during heavy load. Also, the security requirements for the loan approval were a crucial point.

The new calendar component has been integrated into the application so called Credilogic, which is functioning in Russia.


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