Building a web based multiplayer game

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays computers are part of our lives. We don’t just use computers during our working hours, but we spend significant portion of our free time in front of computers. I find it very important, that time spent in front of a computer is spent meaningfully. You cannot get through a single day without having a new computer game released. Interestingly only a very minute portion of those games can move a significant crowd.

The goal of my thesis is to reach as many users as possible and to serve a real purpose with entertaining those looking to play.

At the beginning of the game players split into teams. The success of the teams depends on the willingness of the individual players to give up their personal glory for the good of the team.

I can say I have tested the finished application a couple of times with my colleagues, and all the feedback I got is very positive. I had a lot of fun seeing how players of the game delved into the situations of the game.

I am going to keep developing this application. I believe none of my work has been in vain. It is clear to me now that all the time and energy spent on the details was worth it.


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